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    About Live Remote Productions    

Remote production of live events may be the answer in this state of the industry right now. In this model, most of the costly production equipment and staff remain at home or in the studio. This model has the potential to dramatically reduce costs associated with live productions, while still allowing broadcasters to deliver more, richer live content.

With remote production, there is no need to send large production trucks to the venue and fewer staff resources are required. Expensive and scarce resources like directors, editors and production staff can remain in the central production facility, working in their own familiar environment, while just a few camera operators and a limited technical staff actually go on-site.

The cost savings associated with remote productions can be significant - upwards of 40-80 percent savings or more, based on the economic situation we currently find ourselves in. But is total remote production technically practical at this time?

The answer is clearly yes. With the latest technological advancements, total remote productions are now a practical, deliverable and proven option. Major broadcasters are currently using this model to deliver high quality live events that likely would not have been covered at all with traditional on-site techniques. Transporting signals over fiber and IP circuits with high security and relatively low latency is now standard. Compact remote equipment minimizes transport cost, is easy to set up and establish connections, and has redundancy built in to eliminate disruptions.

About Video Production

Take your physical event virtual! 

We are here to help you make use of the most effective tools for remote productions and navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Amidst the coronavirus crisis more and more live content is being produced virtually. AE Productions delivers quality feeds from anchors, camera operators and guests in remote locations, directly to your broadcast location.


Catching W's With JuJu - December 2019

AE Productions was contracted to provide 6 Cameras and 2 PlayStation feeds all feeding directly into the switcher, while running graphics, sound, and a serious of different mix effects.

DOJ Virtual Press Conference - March 26, 2020

AE Productions partnered with IMG Studios to handle the Skype interface with 2 remote participants for this event. Remote participants were in NYC and Miami.

SHRM Live 2020 - March 2020

AE Productions was contracted to provide 3 Remote Guests to the show all via Skype. 2 Guests for Segment 2 and 1 Guest for Segment 3. 

Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien - April 2020

AE Productions was contracted to provide 1 Remote Guest to the show via Skype. 

Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien - April 2020

AE Productions was contracted to provide 1 Remote Guest to the show via Skype. 


AE Productions was contracted to provide all of the remote participants, streaming, and website creation.

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